Only have 1 key? keys not working and have to use the door lock? current key is all  worn out and want a new one? I can now make you a new one at fraction of the cost the dealer will charge.

i can offer replacement keys for most BMWs diamond shape key / push to start keys including MINI coopers. these keys are programed to your computer and is not a clone. the key is cut using a top of the line machine that will accurately cut the key to the code from factory, NOT duplicate your worn key cut. I make keys the same way the dealer will make you one.


I am able to make keys without the vehicle being here, it will require you to ship me your CAS or EWS MODULE. Most are very easy to remove, and require simple tools, watch the few videos posted below to find your model. keep in mind when this module is removed, you wont be able to start your vehicle, so plan ahead if you want to go this route. i HIGHLY recommend shipping VIA next day air. the module is very light and small so it will fit perfectly in a USPS EXPRESS MAIL Flat rate envelope (postage cost 22.00 if purchased online, i can provide a shipping label at discount, contact me for prices), i can make the keys same day i receive it, so i can send back out same day/following morning depending time i receive the package. downtime will be minimal.  DISCLAIMER: im not responsible for any lost packages during shipping, which why i encourage next day express.

Diamond style keys: $99

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This key will be just like your original key., perfect for a spare, or to use as your main key and keep your current key as the spare.

AVAILABLE MODELS: Z3, X3, X5, Z4, 3, 5, 6, 7, SERIES



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upgrade your diamond style key to this F style flip key! works the same as the original, the 4th button will turn on your lights is you have pathway lighting activated via coding an/or sound your alarm. very sturdy and well built, not like the cheap flip keys out there that make you cut open your current key!

AVAILABLE MODELS: Z3, X3, X5, Z4, 3, 5, 6, 7, SERIES



E series PUSH TO START  - $ 120

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I can also make keys for the push to start (comfort access extra 20). works just like original. have a spare made, or get a new one made so replace the old worn one. *REQUIRES KEY TO BE SHIPPED ALONG WITH MODULE* If you lost all the keys, the ECU will need to be shipped as well, extra price for this service, email me for more info.


F Series Keys  - $ 150

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F series keys now available. 5, 6, 7 SERIES. I would need the original key as well as the CAS module to be shipped to make the key, otherwise the ECU would need to be shipped if all keys have been lost.


F series upgrade keys.

Upgrade your F series key to few new styles. work just like original. these are programed the same a new key.

Display key - $250

Razor style key - $160

Rolls Royce Style (red or black) - $160


F SERIES 3 SERIES vehicles 2013+ not yet available.



Videos on remove CAS modules:

5 series E60

3 series E90

Videos on EWS removals

3 series e46 1998-2005

5 series e39 1998-2003

X5 E53 2000-2006

X3 E83 2003-2010

7 series E38 1994-2001

Z4 E85 2002-2008